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Back from EUC

Mittwoch, Februar 17th, 2010

It was a fantastic event with all of You, really extreme!

For me it was the chance to meet the best Flat, Trial and Street riders to see new tricks and to get new ideas for developing frames and present you the newest Triton frames. About 150 riders from 15 countrys demonstrate there capability in Köln  and there was a hughe interest in the Triton titanium frames even though they are to expensive for most riders. The downside of  innovative technologie and material, but its not essential to ride Triton, its just special. That´s what Ivan from Russia feels while riding his Triton 20″ Sponge trial frame. Although its two years old, he is in the centre of interest whereever riders recognice the Triton. As well Marco was excited riding his brandnew 20″ longneck Triton frame. In difference to the Triton Sponge frame it has a lot of crown space for standup tricks and is not only for trial but also perfect for flat and street. Marco says its enormous stiff in comparsion to his old frame which gives him more power to trials and tricks and less for flexing the frame.

long-neck-1.jpg jogi-hop-1.jpgmarco-stand-up-1.jpgmarco-drop-2.jpgmarco-street-1.jpg

CU at Extrem Unicycling Convention in Köln

Samstag, Februar 13th, 2010

You will find a Triton presentation

and Triton riders



Jogi here in Köln from 12.02 – 14.02


20″ Triton trial – first pics!

Donnerstag, Februar 11th, 2010

new design, without words…triton-trial-uni-12_resize.jpgtriton-trial-uni-8_resize.jpg

Arne tested Triton

Montag, Februar 8th, 2010

Arne Tilgen, Ride the Lobster winner, tested the Triton 26″ triple Muni / Schlumpf in winter  konditions. A wide tire, stiff light frame and the schlumpf hub is an excellent setup for the mixture of technical lines and road passages

It was -7° celsius and we had around 30cm firn snow  near hamburg . I rode my Triton 26″ and Arne tested the 26″ Triton Schlumpf, dressed with his kite surf life jacked because of the temperature 🙂 .  Arne is one of the fastest 36″ riders worldwide and he enjoyed to race in top gear over snow and ice… I followed I some distance. Furthermore we had much fun doing some downhill at the slopes of „Harburger Berge“ landing some „super hero flights“ in the soft snow.

Thanks to Arne for visiting Hamburg and Muniman and Elke for joining this wonderful muni sunday afternoon.


26″ Schlumpf Pics

Donnerstag, Februar 4th, 2010

Triton Schlumpf 26″triton-schlumpf-nabe2.jpg

Test 26″ Triton Schlumpf

Mittwoch, Februar 3rd, 2010

This weekend I tested my new setup, Triton triple Frame, 26″, Large Marge, 3″ Gazza and Schlumpf hub!

It was an amazing ride in fresh fallen snow and although I got some experience with my 36″ Schlumpf I was surprised what high speed you can reach with a 26″ x 3″ Schlumpf!

There was no problem to hold up the turning moment with the titanium bearing retainer. The high stiffness of the frame forces all energie in speed 🙂

The 165mm KH dual cranks were a bit to long for my opinion so I will replace them with 150mm cranks, same length I use on the non Schlumpf 26″ and test again. pics will follow…

new 20″ expected soon at EUC!

Mittwoch, Februar 3rd, 2010

we expect to present the new Triton 20″ Trial & Street frame at the EUC in Köln ( )

and of cause you will find there the Triton Triple Muni Frames…

CU Jogi