Arne tested Triton

Arne Tilgen, Ride the Lobster winner, tested the Triton 26″ triple Muni / Schlumpf in winter  konditions. A wide tire, stiff light frame and the schlumpf hub is an excellent setup for the mixture of technical lines and road passages

It was -7° celsius and we had around 30cm firn snow  near hamburg . I rode my Triton 26″ and Arne tested the 26″ Triton Schlumpf, dressed with his kite surf life jacked because of the temperature 🙂 .  Arne is one of the fastest 36″ riders worldwide and he enjoyed to race in top gear over snow and ice… I followed I some distance. Furthermore we had much fun doing some downhill at the slopes of „Harburger Berge“ landing some „super hero flights“ in the soft snow.

Thanks to Arne for visiting Hamburg and Muniman and Elke for joining this wonderful muni sunday afternoon.


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