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Schauinslandkönig 24.07.2011

Mittwoch, August 3rd, 2011

The „Schauinslandkönig“ is an uphill time trial for racing cyclists primarily but unicyclists are allowed to start as well in an own class. The race takes place in Freiburg, Southern Germany. All competitors have to complete 770 altitude difference on a 11,5km long winding course.

In spite of the rainy and cold weather teamrider Johannes Helck won the race in 0:52:43 on his 36“ Triton with 150mm cranks. Christian Eckert came in second (0:0:53:43) and Mirko Schmidt finished third (0:54:29).

Teamrider Nadine Wegner became first in the women´s class in 1:06:52. She took part for the first time, rode a 26“ QX with 140mm cranks and will start next year on a 28“ Triton with 150mm cranks because now she is able to estimate the course.

Respect and congratulations to all unicyclists !