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Schauinslandkönig 24.07.2011

Mittwoch, August 3rd, 2011

The „Schauinslandkönig“ is an uphill time trial for racing cyclists primarily but unicyclists are allowed to start as well in an own class. The race takes place in Freiburg, Southern Germany. All competitors have to complete 770 altitude difference on a 11,5km long winding course.

In spite of the rainy and cold weather teamrider Johannes Helck won the race in 0:52:43 on his 36“ Triton with 150mm cranks. Christian Eckert came in second (0:0:53:43) and Mirko Schmidt finished third (0:54:29).

Teamrider Nadine Wegner became first in the women´s class in 1:06:52. She took part for the first time, rode a 26“ QX with 140mm cranks and will start next year on a 28“ Triton with 150mm cranks because now she is able to estimate the course.

Respect and congratulations to all unicyclists !



MountainUni diskbrake and adapter

Mittwoch, Juni 1st, 2011

in stock now 🙂

Cranksize all ISIS: 155mm, 150mm, 145mm, 140mm, 135mm    129,-€

Adapter for non diskmount frames: weight 70g minus 30g bearing cup = additional weight 40g    59€

together 179€


24″x3″-26″x2.5″ arrived

Mittwoch, Juni 1st, 2011

in stock now!


Wheelsize:  24″x3″  and 26″x2.5″

Brakemounts: 24″ and 26″ Magura and MountainUni disk mount

Version 24 Maguramount in back or 26 Maguramount in back

Weight: 670g xtra strong frame!

660US“ / 489€

p1030663.JPGp1030659.JPGp1030664.JPGp1030667.JPG p1030661.JPG

Triton conference

Mittwoch, Mai 25th, 2011

9th may Dmitry, Friends and Tritonmobil visited Hamburg for the annual Triton conference.

We discussed projects and new stuff to be released the next year 🙂p1030629.JPG


Team RIDETRITON at the 9th German Marathon Championship in Düsseldorf

Mittwoch, Mai 18th, 2011

62 unicyclists from 10 nations took
part at the unicycling marathon 2011 on 8th May in
Düsseldorf. The unicyclists from Germany, France, Netherlands,
Austria, Colombia, Great Britain, Canada, Norway and Mexico and the
motivating spectators made it to an unique event.

This year all participants had to fight
against strong wind. Especially on the bridges some riders got
problems to balance on their unicycles because of the squally cross
wind. Despite that Nadine Wegner set a new course record 1:50:53.
Christoph Hartmann was the fastest male unlimited rider 1:26:27.

The new and old female german champion
of the unlimited category is RIDETRITON teammember Nadine Wegner with
a TRITON 28“ Schlumpf with 125mm cranks.

Jogi Pfender, RIDETRITON
teammember as well, became new male german champion in the master unlimited category (1:38:36) . He rode a TRITON 36“ Schlumpf with 135mm cranks.

Teamrider Johannes Helck did the 6th place elite unlimited with his TRITON 36“ Schlumpf (1:35:28)


Rene Van Schijndel was also riding a Triton Schlumpf and finished place 11 (1:47:06)

For next year we look forward to
further international unicyclists, an exciting race and new records.

Congratulations to all unicyclists.
Well done!

26″ -29″ disk mount frames

Donnerstag, April 28th, 2011

26″- 29″ Triton disk mount frames for 3″ tires and 2.8″ tires availible now!

With integrated seat clamp!

489€ / 699 US$


MountainUni disk brake

Mittwoch, April 27th, 2011

Triton 26″-29″ with disk mount now availible 🙂

899€ / 1318 US$

26″ disk brakep1030279k.JPGp1030285k.JPG


Montag, Februar 28th, 2011

new Suiss Freeride trailboard!

Trails and informations for XC, downhill, and trips!


Winter editon muni: ridetriton Rocks

Montag, November 8th, 2010

Das erste Muni der Winter Editon 2010 ist jetzt erhältlich, das „ridetriton Rocks“

First muni of winter edition is now available, the „ridetriton Rocks“

Rahmen / Frame: Triton titanium triple muni,
Felge / Rim: 26″ reinforced rim blue,
Kurbeln / Cranks: 160mm K1,
Pedale / Pedals: Wellgo Magnesium,
Reifen / Tire: 3″ Gazza
Option: HS 33 Magura

Preis / Price: 799€  / 1171$


Brand new 20″ ridetriton Riot

Donnerstag, November 4th, 2010

Rahmen / frame:                   Titanum long neck

Sattel / Saddel:                       Alien Backflip

Sattelstütze / Seat post:        Pit Fighter II

Sattelklemme / Seat clamp:  Black Mirror Single Bolt

Nabe / Hub:                             K1 ISIS Light

Felge / Rim:                             Black Mirror

Reifen / Tire:                           Monty 2,6″Eagle Claw

Kurbeln / Cranks:                   K1 light weight 140mm

Pedale /Pedals:                       Wellgo MG1 Magnesium

Preis /Price:                           799 € / 1133 $